Glunt Founders, Greg & Davante

Our commitment is to offering creative and innovative products to the tobacco industry. If the product isn’t the first of its kind or something that hasn’t been brought to market, we generally try to stay away from it. For example, we could have done hemp papers since that’s what’s hot on the market right now but we wanted to do something unique of our own. Something that makes people say “Hey, this company sells something no one else is selling at the moment.” There are people out there that have tried using corn husk as papers but we are one of the pioneers in commercializing it. If someone wants flavored corn husk papers to smoke with, they come to us.

There are tons of feats we had to overcome, but we don’t spend too much time dwelling on it once we’re passed it. We dip our head low, and go in for the next challenge. I would advise incoming entrepreneurs to be persistent and remain inquisitive. You can get very far just by asking questions and doing your homework. Sometimes, it’s really that simple.

Happy Shopping!