Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Glunt packed?
Please refer to our instructional video here to see how to pack the Glunt.

Does the glass on the Glunt burn?
The glass provided with each Glunt is anti-flammable.

Do you taste the glass while smoking the Glunt?
The glass does not burn therefore you will not taste it during your smoking session.

Does the Glunt stay lit?
How long your Glunt stays lit depends on a vareity of factors, most important being how strong your pull is. On average, you should only have to light your Glunt once every 2 minutes of smoking.

Do I need to break up my tobacco before packing it in the Glunt?
You should grind your tobacco before smoking it in the Glunt.

Do you need to fully pack the Glunt to use it?
Your Glunt does not need to be filled packed in order for you to utilize it.

How many grams does the Glunt hold?
Each Glunt holds up to 2 grams of tobacco.